It’s Time to SHIP

by kirtok on September 28, 2011

in Entrepreneurship

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It’s been year and a half since I’ve published a post here. I always talk about “how important it is to take action“.

But in most cases, taking action is not enough. Consistency & persistency are two extremely important factors for success.

Since my last post, I’ve attempted to write a new post for so many times. I’ve left some of them as draft, and simply deleted the rest.

What was it from taking me writing a new blog post?

Writer’s block?

Lack of interest?

or many more other excuses…

While I was thinking about these reasons and trying to find an excuse for not updating my blog, a great post by Seth Godin came to rescue and answered all the questions in my mind.

I wasn’t updating my blog, because I was afraid of SHIPPING.
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Post image for Truth About Internet Marketing – Never Told by Gurus

Everybody wants to start their internet business and make money online.

It sounds magical, having a website, and making money while even sleeping, right?

This is what all the internet marketing gurus tell us. They show us the pictures from a nice beach, having a beer while working on a laptop. They tell us how easy it is to make money online.

So called gurus are good at what they do, and they know how to create the dream job before selling it to us.

Since their job is to sell you the dream and make money out of it, they will never tell you a little secret about internet marketing.
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Hard Work for Success

Spring is here, and the weather in New York is gorgeous. After a long, and freezing winter, this weather is exactly what we have been waiting for.

All the streets are packed with people, walking around, shopping, trying to get the best out of this wonderful weather.

And I’m at my wonderful midtown office, writing this blog post on a lovely Sunday afternoon. What is wrong with me?
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Frequency Capping for Higher Profits

Optimization is a key factor in success for internet marketing campaigns. There are so many variables needed to be tested until a campaign is fully tested & optimized.

One of these variables is frequency capping or also called as individual user capping.

If you are new to media buying, or CPV Marketing, you have to understand the frequency cap concept before setting up your first campaign.

What is a Frequency Cap or Individual User Cap?

Frequency cap or individual user cap is the number of times a unique visitor sees your ads within a given time. For CPM ads, when time period is not specified, the default time period is 24 hours.

In plain English, if frequency cap for a campaign is 2, it means a unique visitor will only see your ad maximum of 2 times within 24 hour period.
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Take Action NOW

I have met a number of people who are new to making money online since I’ve been in this business.

Most of the people who are new to internet marketing world are good at tons of skills such as being smart, doing extensive research, following trend setters, learning new things daily, etc. But, most of them have one thing in common: Being afraid of taking action.

Being afraid of taking action is like cancer. If you can diagnose the problem, understand the reasons for it, and start treating it, you might be successful. But if you spend months, even years with being afraid, it might be too late to take action on.

Why am I Afraid to Take Action?

Ask this question to yourself, be honest, and come up with your reason(s).
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Post image for Affiliate Networks that Reject New Affiliates

I’ve written about affiliate networks that don’t treat affiliates as customers yesterday.

In this post, I will write about a related topic and a problem in the affiliate industry; new affiliates being rejected by networks.

I have been rejected by a few affiliate networks in the past without any clear reason. I’ve had some stupid affiliate networks calling me and asking me so many questions before accepting me.

Oh, come on !!! I’m taking my valuable time to sign up with your network, and you either reject me or make me feel UNWELCOMED to your network. What is wrong with you?
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Post image for Who is the Customer? Affiliate or Affiliate Network?

I had this post in my drafts waiting to be completed for a while.

I’ve decided to complete & publish it after reading Ad Hustler’s post Get Out of My Affiliate Network yesterday. I can’t agree more with Ad Hustler.

I also have a few ideas of my own to add to the discussion.

Couple of weeks ago, I was at NYC Meetup202 where a few guys approached me to promote their exclusive affiliate networks. When I’ve asked them the question “What is exclusive about your network?”, the answers were similar, such as “our customer service, highest payouts, etc.” Ad Hustler says “There seems to be this new trend going around where affiliate networks want to be exclusive.” about this.
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Since PPV affiliate marketing has been pretty popular lately, and many beginners are testing the waters, I wanted to share a tip I personally use to make money with my PPV campaigns.

Showing is better than telling. So, here’s the screencast I’ve created to show you the exact URL research method I use to target local websites, and sell national offers.

In the video below, I’m using 2 tools to do my url research. The first one is AffPortal, which is a must have tool to have if you want to make money in the PPV field, and the second tool is a free desktop tool called Laser URL by Matt Harward.

PPV Local URL Research Screencast

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Search Engine Friendly Writing

If you are in internet marketing as a business, you should already know that diversifying your income sources is an important role for the long term success. I’ve seen many beginners hitting the jackpot with an offer with only paid traffic sources, and didn’t know what to do when the offer was gone.

At my company, we focus on both paid and organic traffic sources, therefore SEO is an important part of our daily lives. Today, my goal was to create a simple guide for our new interns about how to write search engine friendly content, but I’ve decided to write a blog post about it, and share it with my readers also.

The tips about writing SE friendly content I’ll share will be exactly what my new staff will get as an initial guidance.
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Success Recipe - Lateral Thinking

You’ve probably heard the term; “Think outside the box!” many times in your life. You’ll probably ignore it next time you hear it, again. Maybe it will remind you a brand, or a cliche quote.

For a few minutes, forget about “Think outside the box” cliche, and let’s talk about some history.

The history of humanity is the witness to great inventors, warriors, empires, kings, scientists, and smartest people who have done something remarkable during their life time. These people left a remark to the humanity, not just lived an average life.

Yes, some of them are geniuses, and some just were luckier than their peers.

But, have you ever thought about the common characteristics of the greatest people in the world history?

Is it being the smartest? or being workaholics? or being great leaders?

The answer is; none of the above.

The correct answer is;

All the greatest people in human history were lateral thinkers.
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